Water Damage Restoration Services

Anyone who has experienced the need for water damage restoration or water removal has seen what water can do to the interior of a home or building. You will appreciate the thorough and professional results when Service Master Restoration and Cleaning by Skip takes on the challenge of water damage restoration and flood cleanup.

A flooded basement or flooding from natural disasters often bring debris and silt with it. A sewer backup can be even worse, requiring sewage cleanup of liquid and solid waste along with water in a toxic and staining mess. Plumbing and appliance failures can bring their own unexpected headaches, ranging from overflowing washing machines, failed sump pumps, or broken water lines.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Your emergency is our emergency. Immediate response is important to limit damage and begin water damage repair. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, with the people, equipment, and know how to resolve any water removal problem. Our expertly trained flood and water damage restoration technicians will go the extra mile to remove water and moisture, and to repair water damage. Using the latest technology and techniques for water removal, we will clean up and restore your property to its previous condition. We’ll also suggest ways to keep preventable flooding from happening again.

Our water damage restoration and water removal process includes:

  • The Call: You call Service Master, and we guide you through some questions that will help us respond to your emergency more efficiently and effectively.
  • The Inspection: We inspect and assess the damage and create a restoration plan.
  • Water Extraction: Emergency extraction of water to prevent further damage.
  • Item Protection: Protecting personal belongings from water damage.
  • Drying: Thorough drying of building materials to prevent mold growth and save you unnecessary expense later.
  • Cleanup and Sanitization: Cleaning and sanitizing your building and its contents from the after-effects of contaminated water.
  • Restoring Like New: And finally the restoration step, getting your home or business back to how it was before water damage.

Each step of this process varies depending on the severity of the damage, how long the water has been present, and how much of your home or business has been affected, but we’ll talk to you through each step of the process so you know exactly what to expect at any moment.

Sewer Backup and Flooding

Sewage backup damage can add an additional layer to the water damage restoration. This contaminated water can come in three varying levels of contamination

  • Clean Water: water from a clean source, such as a broken water line, leaky faucet, etc. If left untreated, this could quickly degrade into either of the categories below.
  • Gray Water: water that is contaminated and could cause illness or discomfort, such as toilet overflow without feces, dishwasher or washing machine overflow.
  • Black Water: water that is majorly contaminated and could cause severe illness or death if ingested, contact should be strictly avoided. Examples of thise include overflowing toilet with feces, water from beyond the toilet trap, and flooding from outside water sources.

Service Master Restoration has experience quickly and effectively dealing with all forms of contaminated water, and can get your home or business back in tip-top condition.

Whether you’re in DeKalb, Sycamore, or elsewhere in DeKalb or Northern LaSalle counties, we promise prompt and professional service. We will tackle the job head-on and stay until it is complete. We treat your home and property as if it were our own. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip to learn more!