Upholstery Cleaning in Cortland, IL With ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable.” That’s a common greeting in Cortland, whether you’re in a business office or in a home. The guest or client takes a chair or perhaps a seat on a couch and tries to relax. However, what that person experiences can be far from inviting. What they feel when they put their hands on the chair or what they smell when they ease into the cushions may be less than pleasant. How clean is your upholstery? ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip offers expert upholstery and textile cleaning for your home or office in Cortland.

As the manager or owner in an office setting, you may not be aware of the condition of your chairs and couches, mainly because you don’t sit in them. You may have tested them when you purchased them, but that was likely months or years ago. There may not be visible stains on your chairs, but do you know whether or not the overall color has faded with dust and grime?

Consider the example of how a person’s perfume or cologne lingers after they’ve left a room. The same happens with upholstery. Everyone leaves some molecules or particles behind them through physical contact or through the air. It may not be a large amount, but your upholstered chairs will contain at least a trace of every individual that has sat in them since they were last cleaned. Physically, every coffee spill or other bit of moisture leaves behind molecules, often organic materials that can deteriorate with time, affecting the texture of the upholstery, and consequently, its odor. The same applies to furniture in your home. You may think you’ve cleaned the loveseat when you vacuumed, but there may be deep-seated dirt in the cushions or the arms where people rest their hands.

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip uses the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to get all the deep-seated dirt from office or home furnishings. We will deodorize and shampoo the fabric, restoring its freshness and bringing back its original bright colors. We’re the best option for commercial or residential upholstery cleaning in Cortland, Illinois and the surrounding communities.