‘Tis the Season to Stop Ducking Your Duct Cleaning in Dekalb

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HVAC duct cleaning in Dekalb ServiceMaster

Winter is upon us, that time of year when people within the DeKalb and Sycamore Illinois areas reluctantly button up their homes against winter’s chill. Thermostats will be set and furnaces will spark to life for the first of what will be hundreds of times over the next many months. Most homeowners realize this is the time to perform small furnace-related tasks like cleaning or changing furnace filters, but there’s a larger project that’s often forgotten during the season of turkey, Santa and presents: duct cleaningServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip specializes in HVAC duct cleaning in Dekalb, Sycamore and the surrounding areas.

Your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) duct system is susceptible to accumulation of dirt, dust, pollen, mildew, mold, and even insects and anything else that can be dropped or sucked through a vent or register. Every time your furnace roars awake this winter, it will stir up that irritating mixture and spew it throughout your home, over and over, all winter long. Not surprisingly, this can aggravate existing breathing conditions and prolong seasonal illnesses such as a cold and the flu. Duct systems filled with years of filth impair proper air flow, like when your nose is plugged, causing your furnace to waste energy and function very inefficiently.

Unfortunately, unlike changing or cleaning a furnace filter, HVAC duct cleaning can be incredibly difficult because such ductwork is usually self-contained and almost impossible to access without specialized equipment and professional expertise. 

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip possesses all the necessary home HVAC duct cleaning tools, equipment and experience to help you breathe easier this holiday season and the entire winter. Call on our DeKalb duct cleaning services to eliminate months, if not years worth of duct debris and filth accumulation. We do more than simply vacuum your home’s HVAC ducts. We clean vents, registers, air returns and any susceptible HVAC system crevices where dirt, dust and debris dares to deposit.

Serving the Illinois communities of DeKalb and Sycamore as well as DeKalb and Northern LaSalle county, we can offer an extra amount of peace of mind this winter by providing quality duct cleaning services. Call ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip today.