Three Types of Upholstery Cleaning for the Fall in DeKalb, IA

Upholstery cleaning is an ongoing process in DeKalb, IA. Although it’s important to clean your furniture, curtains, and other upholstered surfaces year-round, folks generally spend more of their time outdoors during the spring and summer months. During the fall and winter, when we tend to spend more time indoors, it’s important to make sure every part of our home is clean!

If you’re tending to upholstered surfaces, make sure they’re clean and ready for a winter’s worth of indoor game nights, naps on the couch, and curling up with a good book. Let’s look at three different types of cleaning to perform on upholstered surfaces:

  • Preventative: Preventative cleaning is generalized and routine cleaning that ensures your upholstered surfaces are free of dust and dander. This type of cleaning requires vacuuming upholstered surfaces with attachments, beating out couch cushions, and keeping pets and food away from delicate surfaces
  • Immediate: Think of immediate cleaning as a type of first aid for your upholstery! This means blot drying after spills, usually with a paper towel or clean cloth. Make sure to get to these types of spills before they’re allowed to set in and, if using topical spray cleaners, first test them on a smaller, less noticeable part of the upholstery to ensure they don’t cause discoloration
  • Deep: Deep cleaning typically takes place once a year, and usually needs to be handled by a professional. In order to keep upholstery clean, it’s important to dry clean or machine wash depending on the item’s specific needs. If you have an upholstered item and are uncertain how to properly get it clean, contacting a professional is always the best bet

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