Removing Soot after Fire Damage in Somonauk, IL

When it comes to removing soot after experiencing fire damage in Somonauk, IL, there are a lot of places within your home to think about. Soot is tricky to remove because it settles or leaves residue on just about everything including carpeting, clothing, and every type of surface in your home.

Before you tend to soot damage around all areas of your home, there are a few safety techniques to consider. Let’s take a look:

  • Protective Gear: Before attempting to clean up any soot around your home, make sure you invest in a facemask, long sleeved clothing, and a quality pair of gloves. If any soot gets onto your skin, wash it off immediately
  • Ventilate: Open the windows of your house and turn on a few fans. Allowing fresh air to pass through the affected area will remove some of the odor caused by the soot
  • Avoid Deodorants: Although removing odors with fresh air is recommended, masking the odor of soot is not. Using sprays, candles, or other types of deodorizers will only mask the smell inside your home and keep you from noticing where dangerous odors are coming from
  • Clean Plastic: Clean plastic surfaces with a mild alkali detergent, as this type of cleaner should neutralize the acidic soot residue. This works especially well on white plastics or window coverings
  • Consult Professionals: Professional cleaners will know all the best tools and techniques specific to your home’s needs. By hiring someone with experience, you can save yourself time and reduce worry when removing soot

Removing soot from your home can be a challenging DIY task in Somonauk, IL. Rather than going at it alone, consult with a professional, experienced cleaning company! At ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip, our cleaners understand exactly how to take care of your home after fire damage. Give us a call today at (815) 498-9696!