Start Fire Damage Restoration Quickly in Somonauk, IL

After experiencing fire damage in Somonauk, IL, it’s important to make sure to begin the restoration process immediately. Although you should always hire professionals when going through this process, as they’re trained to understand the safety risks, there are a few small ways to help speed the process along.

Let’s take a moment to evaluate what to do after experiencing fire damage:

Call for Help: First and foremost, make sure to have your home evaluated. Call the fire department and hire a professional fire damage restoration company to evaluate the damage around your home before re-entering. Ask your insurance company for help throughout this process.

 Take Records: Once you have been approved to re-enter your home, start by taking pictures of the damage. Moving forward, these pictures will help you remember which items were lost or damaged and will aid in your overall fire damage restoration and cleaning process.

Minimize Damage: Damage compounds over time after you have experienced fire damage. Minimize the overall damage to your home by ventilating the space, opening windows, and turning on fans to maximize airflow. Additionally, scrub down surfaces that can be cleaned, and if possible, do a few loads of laundry to reduce smoke damage to clothing or upholstery.

HVAC Check: Throughout the restoration process, also make sure to check your HVAC system for build up or damage. Otherwise, if soot or smoke has accumulated within the system, your home will continue to experience prolonged smoke damage. Get it checked out before turning the system on!

Fire damage restoration is an overwhelming process in Somonauk, IL, but with professional help, it doesn’t need to be frightening. Make sure to work with professionals that you trust to restore your home swiftly and safely. Give the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip a call at (815) 498-9696 today!