Prevent Water Damage This Summer in DeKalb, IL

Water damage comes in many different shapes and forms in DeKalb, IL. Whether dealing with flooding or mold, water damage is often challenging to restore or remediate; it is much easier to prevent.

This August, take a moment to think about water damage prevention. Here are just a few ways to catch common sources of water damage before they become disastrous:

Lawn Decoration: August is a great time of year to be outside, tending to your garden or other areas of the lawn. In certain cases, however, planting the wrong trees or plants results in water damage. Roots twist around pipes or damage septic tanks if they’re carelessly planted. Consult a professional, and get your yard evaluated before adding rooted plants!

Neglect: Between beach days and baseball games, graduation parties and weddings, summertime gets busy! Oftentimes, that means we forget to tend to areas of our home, even when they demand our attention. Take the time to walk around the outside and inside of your home, looking for potential future water damage. See a leak in a pipe? Notice your gutters are full? Address these minor issues before they become disasters!

Big Picture: Do consider the major issues at hand, however, don’t just focus on the small details. For example, although we often think to fix pipe blockages with store-bought chemicals, or dump grease down the sink for convenience, these small choices make a big impact. Over time, grease or chemicals wear down pipes and cause larger problems around your home.

Address summer water damage before it strikes in DeKalb, IL. Beware of tree roots, overflowing gutters, or worn-down pipes, and prevent disasters in the future. For those who have experienced water damage already, there’s no reason to fret. The folks at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip are here to help. Just give us a call at (815) 754-5500 today!