Odor Removal is Part of Fire Damage Restoration in Cortland, IL

After experiencing a fire in Cortland, IL, make certain to address each of the necessary steps to restore your home to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Start off by contacting your insurance company, and then make sure your home is examined and cleaned by professionals.

Once these post-fire procedures are completed, make sure to follow up with odor mitigation. Restoring your home after a fire is challenging enough without constantly smelling it around your home, so start by understanding what causes these odors:

 Smoke: Smoke penetrates every area of your home, from clothing to carpets. In order to successfully mitigate odors from your home, each of these items will need to be washed or dry cleaned. Additionally, cleaners will vacuum carpets to guarantee smoke particles are not reintroduced into the air and wipe down all blinds and screens.

 Soot: This odor-causing material often sticks to surfaces such as walls or countertops. Removing residues from each of these surfaces takes time, but a quality professional cleaner will ensure each surface is thoroughly cleaned and soot-free. Fire related odors will disappear as will those sticky or discolored patches around your home!

Other Debris: Fires often result in damage around your home which leaves behind debris. Rather than attempting to identify and mitigate odor-causing materials alone, hire professional cleaners who know which materials are harmful and which are safe. Your home will smell fresh and be safe!

The professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip understand how to mitigate odors from your home in Cortland, IL. Rather than risking your personal safety or living with the smell of a fire long after it has been extinguished, invest in a high-quality solution instead.

After experiencing fire damage within your home, give our odor mitigation team a call immediately at (815) 754-5500.