Protect Your Carpets on Moving Day in Sycamore, IL

April has arrived in Sycamore, IL, which means many folks are preparing for moving season! Whether you’re leaving a rental home behind, purchasing your first home, or moving across the country, protecting your carpets is an important part of the moving process.

Rather than allowing for carpet damage during your move, take a moment to practice protective techniques. Here are just a few ways to take care of your carpets while moving this spring:

Carpet Masking: This plastic covering is similar to a stretch wrap but uses an adhesive to temporarily stick to your carpeting. Carpet mask provides protection from muddy shoes, dirty dollies, or outdoor dust, and costs a great deal less than replacing the carpet after a move!

Furniture Sliders: When it comes to moving heavy furniture such as couches, hutches, dining room tables, or entertainment centers, consider using a few furniture sliders. These slip underneath the edges of large furniture and gently allow them to slide across your carpet, which is much safer than dragging those sharp edges across the carpet!

Shoe Booties: Whether friends or movers are trekking into your home on moving day, consider using floor booties for especially sensitive areas of your home! These inexpensive products wrap around the exterior of the shoe and will protect your carpet from scuffs or footprints.

Floor Mats: If you don’t already have floor mats outside or inside of your home, and opt not to use shoe booties, make sure to invest in a few mats. These will give your movers the ability to wipe off their feet before trudging inside, and if needed, can move to protect other areas of your carpet throughout the day.

When it comes to moving in Sycamore, IL, make sure that your carpets stay safe and clean. Invest in a few techniques on moving day, and even if your carpets do get a little dirty, know there are professionals here to help.

The folks at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services by Skip know how to get a carpet truly clean, whether it’s a carpet you’re leaving behind or a carpet you’re about to make part of your new home. Give us a call at (815) 895-5386 today!