Making Easy Work of Your Hard Surface Cleaning in DeKalb, IL

The rise of modern materials may offer a confusing or challenging task when it comes to cleaning. Homeowners today can choose from an extensive assortment of tile types to pre-cut, pre-finished hardwood floors, all with a wide variety of surfaces and colors. You may have both hardwood and tile in your house. If so, proper care of them may be a detail you’d like to delegate. ServiceMaster by Skip is ready to help with all of your hard surface cleaning needs.

What kind of hardwood did you choose; oak, cherry, maple, maybe one of the exotic woods from Brazil? Did you decide to go with bamboo? Each has its own special color and sheen, but it’s hard to keep that same level of appearance as time goes by. If you took photos just after installation, compare them to how your floor looks now. If you can tell a difference, call us. Whether you have natural hardwood, engineered hardwood or laminate, no matter what the spill or stain, we can handle it and polish your floor so it shines like new.

There are at least four major types of flooring tile in wide use today, each with subtypes, not counting specialty tiles. Tile can be glazed or non-glazed and is generally categorized as porcelain or non-porcelain. A range of stone surfaces is used in entranceways, indoor porches, or kitchens. Moving upscale, marble tile brings perhaps the highest polish but requires the most careful cleaning. In addition to cleaning the grease, stains or grime from the tile surface and restoring its original appearance, we will refresh the grout around the tiles. Grout discolors both from absorbed dirt and liquids because it is much more porous than the surrounding tile. It also discolors over time. We can clean it, or if needed, replace it.

Whatever you have on your floors, ServiceMaster by Skip is your best choice in hard surface and hardwood cleaning and care in DeKalb, Sycamore, and DeKalb County and Northern LaSalle County. Contact us today.