Frozen Pipes Can Lead to Water Damage in DeKalb, IL

If you experience winter water damage due to frozen or burst pipes in DeKalb, IL, call ServiceMaster by Skip.

Illinois is no stranger to winter. We are a hearty bunch who can shrug off the worst winter can throw at us. It would be nice, however, if winter didn’t start as early as it did this year. Winter could have had the common courtesy to at least hold off until after Thanksgiving. Having to worry about frozen pipes and water damage restoration in DeKalb, IL just a few days after Halloween seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not take our preferences into consideration, so we have to deal with the unfair reality of a winter that arrived well before it was anticipated.

While it’s true that little can be done about the leaves now frozen to the bottom of your roof gutters, and outdoor Christmas decorations may not be displayed this year in the interest of warding off frostbitten fingers, you can still take some modest steps to protect your home from water damage during these long winter months.

For the most part, pipes within your home are safe from the cold temperatures ravaging the outside world. However, some household pipes do hug dangerously close to outside walls, making them susceptible to the freezing conditions just inches away.

Frozen water within pipes —whether the pipes are metal or plastic— can be a recipe for disaster if left unattended. When water expands and becomes ice, it can burst through even the strongest barrier. Once a water pipe has been damaged, damage to your home is not far behind.

To protect your home from water damage this winter, take a few minutes to inspect your pipes to determine which ones may be most at risk for freezing. If those pipes aren’t already insulated with foam, be sure to insulate them. If the existing foam insulation seems outdated or otherwise insufficient, spend a few dollars to upgrade the insulation. It’s a far more reasonable investment than having to deal with your insurance company when you need water damage restoration down the road.

If you do need water damage restoration, you can count on ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip in the unfortunate event that your pipes have frozen or burst.

We provide a wide range of water damage restoration services in DeKalb, Sandwich, Genoa, DeKalb, Cortland, and Somonauk from emergency water extraction to a thorough cleaning and sanitization of areas affected by contaminated water. We’re experienced, certified professionals who have industry-leading water damage restoration materials and equipment at our disposal.

Don’t let a water damage situation make this winter longer than it already promises to be. Call ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip right away.