Fire Prevention Tips for DeKalb Area Residents

Follow these tips to avoid the need for Fire Restoration from ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip

The waning days of summer can be a complacent time. You’re reaping the rewards of your months of gardening with an abundance of fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions. The crickets have begun to sing their seasonal, twitchy songs. The sun’s rays are starting to show through at those peculiar angles that indicate summer is fading.

During these times of abundance and relaxation, it’s easy to forget to conduct some routine chores around the house to ensure your home is adequately protected from fire damage and smoke damage.

For example, this is the time of year when you should be checking your smoke detectors and replace any batteries that have been in them for more than six months or so. Check the pressure on all fire extinguishers and inspect them to see if they have any rust or other corrosion that may keep them from working properly. Better yet, have them professionally inspected and approved. This quick check can prevent the need for fire restoration in your DeKalb County, IL home.

In many cases fireplaces have remained dormant during the long summer months. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t become obstructed by leaves or even nests. Be sure your fireplace is clear and clean before stoking up the first fire of the fall season.

Yes, this can be an idyllic time for the Illinois communities of Sandwich, Somonauk, Genoa, Cortland and DeKalb County, but you should nevertheless take these and other preventive steps to save your home from expensive fire restoration and smoke damage.

Even with the best prevention, however, disasters can occur, so you should be prepared to act quickly in the event of fire damage or smoke damage.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip is ready to assist you should you require fire damage restoration services. Our rapid response team of fire damage restoration and cleaning professionals have the necessary skills, experience, techniques and equipment to quickly and efficiently help your home recover from a fire damage or smoke damage disaster event.

Don’t let fire damage or smoke damage make this otherwise plentiful time of year cause you undue stress and worry. Give ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip call right away.