Disaster Restoration in Cortland, IL With ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

A disaster doesn’t have to be citywide or regional in its scope. Yes, high winds or localized flooding can cause severe damage to hundreds of homes, but our point is that a disaster can easily be limited to just your neighborhood or even just your home in Cortland. For you and your family, a fire causing smoke damage or a flood causing standing water damage and subsequent mold infestation are disasters. They upend your life, your security, and your sense of safety. The place you call home may be a charred mess or it might be riddled with broken windows and holes in the roof. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip are the best to call for cleanup, repair, and disaster restoration if you experience a disaster in your Cortland, Illinois home.

With ServiceMaster, you know you don’t have to worry about whether the restoration firm you’ve chosen can handle all aspects of the restoration process. After a fire, we will respond promptly to undertake water removal in cases where fire hoses were used. We will pack out furnishings for storage and restoration, clean up and remove debris, repair fire damage, and conduct smoke damage restoration.

In the case of flooding, whether from broken pipes or from an outside source such as a heavy rainstorm or rising river, we are experts at water removal and the effective drying of the home’s interior and its contents. We can restore almost any kind of furnishing or object, from antiques and collectables to art works and appliances. We will remove damaged building materials and dispose of anything that is too damaged to repair. We’ll also check for the development of mold due to standing water and high humidity. Then we’ll fully repair the damage so your home returns to as good or better condition than it was in before.

Don’t attempt disaster restoration on your own. Whether the damage is from flames, floods, smoke, or mold, ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip is the professional service you can trust to get the job done right for your home in Cortland or the surrounding communities.