Emergency Deodorization Services

Odor Removal

When people enter a room or a house their first impression is often based on only one of their five senses—smell. If the odor isn’t pleasant, neither is their experience. Bad odors can be left by a range of culprits from dampness to dogs, and from fires to chain smokers. ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip can handle all of your odor removal services, including deodorizing, odor control problems, and the most difficult—skunk odor.


Let’s face it, odors can infest more than carpeting and drapes and animal odors can linger long after the pets have left. We will use the latest in odor abatement tools and materials and match the appropriate method to the need. With our expert approach, you will be able to save furnishings you otherwise might have lost. In the case of rental cleanup and deodorizing, you can depend on us meeting the challenge and helping you to preserve your investment.

Odor Control

Whether it’s deodorizing from the smells of mold and mildew or the even stronger odors requiring specialty cleanup and odor removal, we are your residential cleaning professionals in DeKalb and Northern LaSalle Counties in Illinois. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip today.