Common Causes of Water Damage in Genoa, IL, and How to Fight Back

As you prepare your home for fall and winter in Genoa, IL, make sue to look for common signs of water damage. Taking preventative measures is much less expensive than repairing your home, and as rain and snow accumulates this season, it’s best for you to understand how well your home will weather the storm!

Let’s take a look at which homes are at risk for water damage, and how to prevent water related issues around your house:

Leaks: Leaking pipes are a major cause of water damage and mold and occur for a number of different reasons. Acidic water, rust formation, temperature changes, and age are all factors that impact your pipes, so it’s important to inspect them frequently. Make sure those pipes are working their best for your home!

Flat Roofs: Homes with flat roofs are more likely to experience water damage than sloped roofs, so regularly check on them. Deterioration is common for flat roofs, which causes a concave shape rather than flat or slightly sloped. This causes water to pool, or in cold weather, to freeze into “water dams.” Make sure to regularly get your flat roof inspected in order to avoid these issues!

Gutters: Regularly check your gutters! If leaves, branches, Frisbees, or other items collect within your gutters, they often get wet during rainy or snowy seasons. The result is mold and dangerous water damage. Additional sources of water damage are leaks or cracks in your gutters, or water overflow onto the side of your home.

Make sure your home is guarded against water damage this fall and winter in Genoa, IL. Regularly checking risky areas of your house, such as roofs, pipes, and gutters, will help to keep your family safe from the effects of water damage.

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