Maintain Your Commercial Carpets with Carpet Cleaning in Sandwich, IL

Around your commercial business in Sandwich, IL, it’s important to present a clean, professional office space to visitors and clients. Although most folks think of dusting lamps, scrubbing surfaces, and washing windows, it’s also important to clean the carpeting underfoot.

How do you avoid a dirty, stained, and unprofessional looking carpet around your commercial business? Here are a few tips and tricks to use around the office in order to keep carpets looking clean year-round:

  • Floor Mats: Install floor mats near the front doors to catch any stray snow, dirt, or water, and encourage employees to wipe their feet thoroughly. With all the weather changes across the Midwest, especially during the springtime, it’s important to prepare your office carpets for whatever’s coming
  • Vacuum Regularly: Make sure to vacuum office carpets at least once a week. Regular vacuuming keeps dirt from accumulating and sticking to carpet fibers, which makes it easier to remove. Doing this has double perks by improving both the look of the carpets and the quality of your office’s air
  • Deep Clean: Hire a professional cleaner to steam, shampoo, and deep-clean commercial business carpets. Regular deep cleaning will increase the life of your carpet, which will save your business from unnecessary expenses in the future
  • Grab Stains: Encourage employees to wipe up coffee, food, or other stains immediately after they happen. Using a paper towel or wet rag to remove the initial stain is helpful in the long run, even if there aren’t cleaners immediately on hand to get rid of the remnants

Ready to get your business carpets cleaned in Sandwich, IL, this springtime and make your office space look clean and professional? Contact the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip by calling (815) 498-9696 today, and get your commercial carpets looking fresh and as good as new!