Cleaning Services in Genoa, Illinois with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

Spring cleaning got to be spring cleaning for a good reason. Winter takes a toll on every part of a home or business. Every surface, from hard-surface floors, carpets, and furniture, to the inside of the HVAC ducting, carries remnants of a long, dusty, and dirty winter. Genoa, Illinois is typical of this and ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip is ready to provide the best in professional cleaning services to businesses and homes in Genoa and the surrounding area.

Hard-surface floors can retain mud and dirt from the fall season, small particles of gravel can become embedded in the connecting grout of tiles or stone surfaces, or the grout itself can become discolored and dingy from exposure to dirt over time. Professional hard-surface floor cleaning is one of our specialties, from vinyl flooring to any type of modern tile like marble or stone. The same goes for grout cleaning and wooden floor cleaning.

It goes without saying that carpets take the brunt of winter, and quick vacuuming won’t do the trick. The small particles tracked in on shoes and boots settle to the bottom of the carpet pile and remain, only to be crushed against the fibers and cause damage unless the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Carpet cleaning by a team of expert technicians is something every home should experience. The cleaner a carpet is, the longer its life and the easier it is to keep clean. The same thorough approach to upholstery cleaning will leave your upholstered and fabric-covered furnishings looking great and smelling fresh.

Some of the worst cleaning scenarios in a home or office involve dust, pollen, skin particles, insects, spores, and carbon that have settled in the air ducts during the last season. HVAC duct cleaning, especially in the spring, is a process that will improve the environment, odor, and overall cleanliness of any building in Genoa because the air circulating will be clean and stay clean.

Our commercial and residential cleaning services cover far more than what’s described in this post, but Genoa residents should know that their best choice for any type of professional cleaning is ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip.