Care for Your Marble Floors With Commercial Floor Cleaning in DeKalb, IL

If you’re considering installing a marble floor for your commercial business in DeKalb IL, or if you already have a commercial floor made of marble, it’s important to know exactly how to care for it. Everyday foot traffic is part of doing business, but it doesn’t have to destroy or dirty your clean, marble floor.

Looking for the best ways to keep your marble floors working as hard as you do? Let’s take a look at what to do:

Foundations of Marble: Before investing in marble, or attempting to care for it, you should know that this type of surface is constructed from limestone. Limestone is classified as a metamorphic rock and comes in a number of different colors, which makes it a versatile stone for design. These color differences are most often due to silt or sand build up within the stone and, although these are considered impurities, they make your commercial floor’s stone unique!

Cleaning Marble: These types of floors may seem fancy or high maintenance because they’re associated with museums or other historical places, but marble is actually extremely durable and easy to clean. Just make sure to keep these floors polished in order to avoid staining or scuffing.

Using Marble: If you decide to use marble in your space, there are a few factoids to note. Additionally, marble floors are totally hypoallergenic, which means they’re kinder than carpets or hardwood floors, especially to those with seasonal allergies. With regular cleaning, marble flooring will be welcoming to all your customers or clients!

If you’re considering using marble in your commercial business in the DeKalb, IL, or if you’re trying to figure out exactly how to care for the floor you’ve already got, the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip are here to help you out! For any of your marble floor cleaning needs, give us a call today at (815) 754-5500.