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Autumn Home Cleaning in Sandwich, IL

October has arrived in Sandwich, IL! As you decorate your home with pumpkins, turn up the heat, and watch the leaves change colors, have you also considered how to prepare your home for this new season?
Make autumn home cleaning part of your schedule. Here’s how to get started!
Windows: Fall is a good time to get windows clean. Start by scrubbing the windowpanes and then vacuuming all the wooden and cloth interior window treatments. Use a narrow...
Wednesday September 19th, 2018Read More
Floor Cleaning for All Flooring Types in Somonauk, IL

When it comes to cleaning unique flooring in Somonauk, IL, you may feel intimidated by certain types of stone, wood, or other materials. Because these types of floors require specific cleaning techniques and tools, make sure that you understand what to do before you get started with floor cleaning!
Here are just a few ideas for cleaning unique flooring from the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by...
Monday September 10th, 2018Read More
Fall HVAC Cleaning in Sandwich, IL

Fall is near in Sandwich, IL! Along with preparing to head back to school and buying a few new sweaters for the season, have you thought about preparing your home for cooler temperatures?
HVAC cleaning is beneficial any time of year, but especially as your family moves indoors and out of the cold. Here are just a few reasons to invest in a thorough HVAC cleaning this September:

Timing: HVAC systems should be inspected once a year to ensure t...
Thursday September 6th, 2018Read More
Falling Leaves can Cause Fall Fire Damage Risks in DeKalb, IL

Autumn is here in DeKalb, IL, and that means the leaves are quickly changing color. Unfortunately, as the leaves turn brilliant shades of orange and red, they’re also causing fire damage risks around your home. Falling leaves pose a serious fire risk, both inside and outside of your home.
Here are just a few preventative measures to take around your home in order to protect your family and avoid future fire damage restor...
Wednesday September 5th, 2018Read More
Questions About Mold Remediation After Water Damage in Cortland, IL?

Mold oftentimes follows water damage in Cortland, IL, so make sure to move quickly after a pipe bursts, flood hits, or basement leaks. Professional cleaners know how to effectively assess damage and remove mold from your house, but oftentimes, you have additional questions about the process.
Here are a few questions that may arise during the process of water damage and mold remediation within your home:
How does mol...
Friday August 24th, 2018Read More
Common Causes of Water Damage in Genoa, IL, and How to Fight Back

As you prepare your home for fall and winter in Genoa, IL, make sue to look for common signs of water damage. Taking preventative measures is much less expensive than repairing your home, and as rain and snow accumulates this season, it’s best for you to understand how well your home will weather the storm!
Let’s take a look at which homes are at risk for water damage, and how to prevent water related issues around...
Tuesday August 21st, 2018Read More
Maintaining Your Furniture With Upholstery Cleaning in Sycamore, IL

After furnishing a home in Sycamore, IL, it’s important to ensure that your upholstery has a good, long life. Although investing in certain types of fabrics or furniture styles have an impact on a piece’s lifespan, so does your regular maintenance and upholstery cleaning routine.
Ready to learn how to best care for your upholstered furniture? Here is how to keep those sofas and easy chairs looking as good as n...
Monday August 13th, 2018Read More
Prevent Water Damage This Summer in DeKalb, IL

Water damage comes in many different shapes and forms in DeKalb, IL. Whether dealing with flooding or mold, water damage is often challenging to restore or remediate; it is much easier to prevent.
This August, take a moment to think about water damage prevention. Here are just a few ways to catch common sources of water damage before they become disastrous:
Lawn Decoration: August is a great time of year to be outside, tending to your ga...
Wednesday August 1st, 2018Read More
Odor Removal is Part of Fire Damage Restoration in Cortland, IL

After experiencing a fire in Cortland, IL, make certain to address each of the necessary steps to restore your home to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Start off by contacting your insurance company, and then make sure your home is examined and cleaned by professionals.
Once these post-fire procedures are completed, make sure to follow up with odor mitigation. Restoring your home after a fire is challenging...
Friday July 20th, 2018Read More
Exploring Common Elements in Disaster Restoration in Genoa, IL

Disaster restoration is serious business in Genoa, IL. Whether you’ve experienced a house fire, flood, summer storm, or smoke damage, there are many unique issues to consider when dealing with the aftermath of a disaster.
However, while each disaster scenario is unique, there are a lot of similarities in the damage they create and the disaster restoration services utilized to repair the damage. Let’s take a look at ho...
Tuesday July 17th, 2018Read More

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