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Residential Cleaning Ideas for Winter in Sandwich, IL

As the December weather settles in Sandwich, IL, prepare your home for long months of movie nights, home-cooked meals, and other indoor activities. Once that snow starts to fall outside, Midwestern folks tend to move inside, so make sure you’re prepared for the season ahead with residential cleaning!
Start by cleaning your home from top to bottom. Here are a few valuable residential cleaning ideas for some of the most forgott...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More
Carpet Cleaning for Holiday Hosts in Sycamore, IL

Are you ready to host your family for the holidays in Sycamore, IL? As you hang holiday lights, prepare extensive shopping lists, and wrap gifts for loved ones, make sure that you are able to host guests in a clean, welcoming home. One of the best ways to make sure your home is ready for guests is with carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip want to help you keep yo...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More
Stay Safe by Avoiding Winter Fire Damage in DeKalb, IL

It’s important for you and your family to stay warm throughout the cold winter months DeKalb, IL, is known for. However, as you plug in space heaters, stoke the fire, and turn up the heat, make sure that you stay safe.
Housefires are fairly common during the winter months, but there are plenty of ways for you to prevent fire damage around your home. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of housefires and how to ...
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Get Ready for the Holidays with Proper Floor Cleaning in Sycamore, IL

Whether preparing to host a family gathering or work or neighborhood holiday party in Sycamore, IL, cleaning your home before guests arrive requires a long cleaning list. As you tick off from your checklist of dusting, organizing, setting tables, and redecorating, make sure to take a moment to consider floor cleaning too!
No matter the type of floor, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make sure it looks spotles...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More
What Cold Month Upholstery Cleaning Can Do for Your DeKalb, IL Home

As winter approaches DeKalb, IL, you and your family will probably spend more time indoors. Colder temperatures and longer nights mean closing up the windows, pulling out the blankets, and finding indoor entertainment after dark. Perhaps your family enjoys baking together, or you and your partner enjoy a glass of red wine by the fire.
Regardless, more time indoors means more time to make a mess! Here are a few uphols...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More
A Holiday Upholstery Cleaning Timeline in Genoa, IL

November is here in Genoa, IL, which means it is time to start thinking about hosting holiday events. Before crafting your guest list, take a moment to consider a comprehensive cleaning list, including upholstery cleaning.
Although you’ll be able to do most of the routine work yourself, upholstery cleaning generally requires an expert touch. Let’s take a look at how to schedule your cleaning services in order to guarantee a s...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More
Prepare your HVAC System for Winter With HVAC Cleaning in Cortland, IL

Winter is just around the corner in Cortland, IL and everyone is busy getting ready for the harsh weather. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself for colder temperatures, but have you thought about preparing your home? If your home isn’t prepared, you could find yourself in a tight spot when the winter winds begin to blow.
One of the most important areas to care for before cold temperatures arrive is your ...
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Tackling Basement Water Damage in Somonauk, IL

If you indulge in scary movies in Somonauk, IL during the month of October, you know there are plenty of reasons to stay out of the basement! Although plenty of spooky things tend to creep around in a basement, including goblins and ghosts, there’s nothing more frightening to find than water damage!
Here are just a few ways to identify this scary presence in your basement this fall:
Smells: Before you start thinking that mysterious...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More
Autumn Home Cleaning in Sandwich, IL

October has arrived in Sandwich, IL! As you decorate your home with pumpkins, turn up the heat, and watch the leaves change colors, have you also considered how to prepare your home for this new season?
Make autumn home cleaning part of your schedule. Here’s how to get started!
Windows: Fall is a good time to get windows clean. Start by scrubbing the windowpanes and then vacuuming all the wooden and cloth interior window treatments. Use a narrow...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More
Floor Cleaning for All Flooring Types in Somonauk, IL

When it comes to cleaning unique flooring in Somonauk, IL, you may feel intimidated by certain types of stone, wood, or other materials. Because these types of floors require specific cleaning techniques and tools, make sure that you understand what to do before you get started with floor cleaning!
Here are just a few ideas for cleaning unique flooring from the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by...
Wednesday January 30th, 2019Read More

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