Our Capture and Removal Cleaning System

Our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning system combines powerful products, advanced cleaning technologies, and a high productivity approach to dramatically decrease airborne dust, VOCs, and bacteria. This effective and efficient system traps and removes dirt, dust, and debris by as much as 55% better than conventional cleaning processes while keeping cleaning costs low due to efficient cleaning practices!

Save time and money

The Capture and Removal unique team-cleaning process is more productive than the traditional zone cleaning method, reducing cleaning time by about 25%. That means fewer hours are spent cleaning your facility, saving you money.

The Capture and Removal cleaning system uses:

  • A highly productive team-cleaning process
  • Our patented dust wand and microfiber technologies
  • Quiet, high-filtration vacuums that capture 99.9% of particles smaller than 1 micron
  • Our proprietary Green For cleaning products

ServiceMaster Green For cleaning products:

  • Reduce toxins absorbed into our ecosystem
  • Biodegrade faster than non-green products
  • Contain no ingredients considered corrosive, alkaline or acidic
  • Have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Are certified by two independent agencies: Environmental Choice and Green Seal