Prepare your HVAC System for Winter With HVAC Cleaning in Cortland, IL

Prepare your HVAC System for Winter With HVAC Cleaning in Cortland, IL

Winter is just around the corner in Cortland, IL and everyone is busy getting ready for the harsh weather. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself for colder temperatures, but have you thought about preparing your home? If your home isn’t prepared, you could find yourself in a tight spot when the winter winds begin to blow.

One of the most important areas to care for before cold temperatures arrive is your HVAC system. The HVAC cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster and Cleaning Services by Skip want to make sure your HVAC system doesn’t fail you this winter. Here’s how to ensure your home keeps you warm, all season long!

Thermostat Check: Double-check the programming on your thermostat this fall. If you accidentally turn on heating and air conditioning at the same time, you will end up with some costly HVAC issues. Just make sure to update the thermostat to match the new season! Also, brush up on your thermostat usage to save energy this winter!

Clean Area: Make sure to clear the area around your HVAC system. Remove all flammable items from the area nearby the heat source, or any other heating vents around your home. Otherwise, your heating system may cause danger to your home.

Run Furnace: Turn on the furnace at least once before the temperatures drop. This will allow you to detect and fix any potential issues with the HVAC system. With these frigid, Midwestern winters, it’s dangerous to be caught in freezing temperatures without a functioning heating system.

Enlist Help: Don’t try to prepare your HVAC system by yourself. Hire HVAC cleaning professionals to inspect the entire system, change out or clean filters, and properly winterize your unit. Without the proper experience, you may end up causing damage to your HVAC system rather than fixing it.

As the temperature drops in Cortland, IL, make sure that both you and your home are ready for the new season. Take care of your HVAC system by calling the HVAC cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip today and allow us to make guarantee you’re prepared for the cold. Call us at (815) 754-5500 today!