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Tackling Basement Water Damage in Somonauk, IL

If you indulge in scary movies in Somonauk, IL during the month of October, you know there are plenty of reasons to stay out of the basement! Although plenty of spooky things tend to creep around in a basement, including goblins and ghosts, there’s nothing more frightening to find than water damage!

Here are just a few ways to identify this scary presence in your basement this fall:

Smells: Before you start thinking that mysterious smell is something supernatural, take a moment to look around for water damage. Although basements generally smell a little musty, extremely strong odors may indicate the presence of mold or mildew. Grab a flashlight and take a look around.

Cracks: Keep an eye out for cracks, both inside and outside your home. A water-damaged foundation often results in cracks which fill with moisture and damage the structural integrity of your home. Additionally, watch for cracks within window or door seals as these may become a serious flood risk under the right circumstances.

Surfaces: Instead of assuming the sudden bulge on your wall is the result of a haunting, start looking for signs of water damage! Surfaces such as walls and floors oftentimes physically change color or texture after water damage. Watch for staining or flaking, and make sure your painted walls remain the same color.

Sources: Understand the reasons behind water damage. Although some of the sources are obvious, such as flooding, it’s important that you also understand how burst pipes, ground erosion, moisture build-up, and basement location can cause water damage.

Still uncertain how to get started with your water damage identification and prevention this fall in Somonauk, IL? Fortunately, the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip understand how to keep your basement free of unwanted water damage tricks that are no treat to contend with during October or any other month of the year! Give us a call at (815) 498-9696 today!