Summertime Commercial Cleaning for DeKalb, IL Businesses

Summer Commercial Cleaning Keeps Your DeKalb, IL Office Looking Great!

Summer is here in DeKalb, IL, and that means it’s warm and sunny outside! As you walk into work, though, you may notice that your indoor spaces are much less warm and welcoming, oftentimes because they’re cluttered or unclean.

Ready to make your indoor spaces just as welcoming as the great outdoors this July? Here’s how to get started with commercial cleaning in your office:

Cut Clutter: Although spring is over, there’s always time for a good cleaning! Sort through the items around your commercial office space, dusting along the way, and make sure that everything is necessary. If you have four old coffee mugs on your desk or a mile-high stack of papers, it’s time to clean up!

Get Organized: After all of that clutter is removed from your commercial office, it’s time to make sure the important materials left overall have a place to go. Sort through old papers, organize file cabinets, and invest in quality shelves or storage spaces. Staying organized will make your space look more welcoming and will help your business run more smoothly!

Utilize Break Rooms: Break rooms are there or a reason! If there’s a room in your commercial office dedicated to a refrigerator, microwave, vending machine, and coffee pot, keep all food items in that space. By localizing food consumption, you will reduce crumbs and spills around the office and reduce the likelihood of ants moving in!

Hire Professionals: The most valuable tool for keeping your office clean is hiring an experienced commercial cleaning firm. Work with an individual company to specify your needs, and make sure your office is always ready for business!

The commercial cleaning pros at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip know how to clean commercial spaces in DeKalb, IL. For all of your cleaning needs, give us a call at (815) 754-5500 today!