Specialized Commercial Cleaning that Keeps Your Business Cleaner and Healthier

When it comes to commercial cleaning your office space, there are certain areas that require more attention than others.

Although you likely think about vacuuming carpets and floors, scrubbing down windows, or disinfecting toilet seats this cold and flu season, you may miss other important items that need to be cleaned. Make sure you also cleanse the following specific things throughout your commercial office cleaning process.

Light Switches: So many hands turn off, flip on, and adjust light switches throughout the day, especially if your commercial space is attempting to conserve energy around the office. Unless folks are regularly washing their hands or using hand sanitizer, these areas need to be cleaned and disinfected often!

Phones and Headsets: In addition to people’s hands on, phones and headsets, people’s mouths often come into close contact with these items. If Susan in HR has a cough, or Tim from accounting develops a sneeze, their germs collecting on this office equipment. Make sure to regularly wash all areas of phones and headsets during routine commercial cleaning! Usually, gentle soap and a small amount of water will do the trick.

Computers and Keyboards: For computers and keyboards, you may need more than just a little soap to get them truly clean! Crumbs often slip in between keyboard keys, or dust collects alongside the edges of the screen. Invest in some quality cleaning materials before attempting to remove germs from computers, and make sure that computers and keyboards become a regular part of your commercial cleaning!

When commercial cleaning your office, make sure to hit all areas of the office, rather than just the usual spots. If you’re feeling uncertain about office cleaning, or don’t know exactly how to get started, there are folks who can help. Give the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration by Skip a call today at 815.498.9696.