Common Elements in Disaster Restoration in Genoa, IL

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Exploring Common Elements in Disaster Restoration in Genoa, IL

Disaster restoration is serious business in Genoa, IL. Whether you’ve experienced a house fire, flood, summer storm, or smoke damage, there are many unique issues to consider when dealing with the aftermath of a disaster.

However, while each disaster scenario is unique, there are a lot of similarities in the damage they create and the disaster restoration services utilized to repair the damage. Let’s take a look at how these disasters can overlap and explore a few ideas about how to restore your home after a disaster strikes:

  1. Entering the Home: After either fire and/or water damage, do not re-enter your home until a professional evaluates the structure and gives you permission to go inside. Oftentimes, fire or water damage will render a home temporarily uninhabitable if the structural integrity is deemed to be compromised. Do not risk entering an unsafe building!
  2. Insurance: Following fire or water disaster damage, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Make sure to ask specific questions such as how to address your home’s immediate needs. Additionally, ask them where to start. Will you need to list everything that has been damaged, or simply take pictures? Clarifying these steps will make your home restoration process much easier!
  3. Mold: Whether your home becomes waterlogged due to flooding or by the fire department extinguishing the flames with copious amounts of water, mold is an immediate threat to your home. Address mold disasters before they start by removing all excess water from your home after being given the okay by authorities to re-enter.

Although fire and water damage seem completely different disasters in Genoa, IL, they often result in similar disaster restoration procedures. If you’re unsure about tackling disaster restoration alone, call the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip at (815) 754-5500. We’ll help you throughout the restoration process and make your home disaster feel less frightening and overwhelming!