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Summer Residential Cleaning for Your Cortland, IL, Home

In Cortland, IL, residential cleaning is an important chore during the summertime! Although most folks think summer is a time for relaxing on the beach, enjoying outdoor strolls, or tending to the garden, it’s also the best time of year to get some serious cleaning done.


Here are a few important summertime projects to address over the next few months around your home:

Windows and Doors:

Noticing that your window glass looks grimy or doors have started collecting dust? During the summertime, throw open the windows and doors and take a moment to make sure they’re truly cleaned!


Outdoor Chores:

Maybe your garage floor looks filthy after the winter months or the deck needs a good sweeping before you host a summer barbeque. Take the time to look around the exterior of your home while it’s warm outside and enjoy using your freshly cleaned outdoor spaces! This is also a great time to move indoor chores outdoors; try hosing out your garbage cans or shaking out rugs in the backyard.

Vent Cleaning:

Summer is prime time for allergies, which means it’s prime time to get your air ducts cleaned. Otherwise, with the air conditioning on, you’ll just keep circulating the same allergens and dust around your home all summer long. Schedule a professional duct cleaning to eliminate allergens, dust, and other types of filth so you can enjoy cool, clean air inside when it’s hot and humid outside. As a bonus, this cool, clean, dryer air will help reduce mold growth in your home over the summer months.


When it comes to residential cleaning in 2018, make sure not to leave residential chores as just a springtime activity in Cortland, IL. Keep the residential cleaning up all year long, and make sure to use warm weather to your advantage.


For all of your professional residential cleaning needs in Cortland IL, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip a call at (815) 754-5500 today!