Questions About Mold Remediation After Water Damage in Cortland, IL?

Questions About Mold Remediation After Water Damage in Cortland, IL?

Mold oftentimes follows water damage in Cortland, IL, so make sure to move quickly after a pipe bursts, flood hits, or basement leaks. Professional cleaners know how to effectively assess damage and remove mold from your house, but oftentimes, you have additional questions about the process.

Here are a few questions that may arise during the process of water damage and mold remediation within your home:

How does mold remediation work? 

After experiencing water damage, professionals are first and foremost concerned about safety. Skilled cleaners understand how to assess the safety of the environment before starting the process of controlling contamination, removing the source of mold, and ridding your home of additional moisture.

What should I do to remain safe in a water-damaged home? 

Stay out of the house, and let the professionals take the lead. Professional cleaners know exactly which types of protective gear to wear when entering a mold-infested house, so you shouldn’t risk your personal health by re-entering the home until it has been evaluated.  

Will my house be safe after the mold is removed? 

Professional cleaners know how to effectively remediate your home from water damage and mold, and will often also recommend that you clean your HVAC system. Spores often stay within the HVAC, which are circulated around the home through air conditioning and heating. Make sure to get this checked after experiencing water damage!

Do I need to remodel my entire home after experiencing water damage or mold? 

Unless the damage impacts your entire home, you will only need to remediate and remodel the areas directly impacted by damage. Ask a professional to thoroughly evaluate the home. Don’t feel like you need to bulldoze the entire house!

After experiencing water damage and mold in the Cortland, IL area, make sure that your home is remediated as quickly as possible. Give the professional restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip a call at (815) 754-5500 today, and let our professionals answer all of your questions about mold and water damage!