Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall in Sandwich, IL

Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall in Sandwich, IL

Although summer is here in Sandwich, IL, fall is just around the corner. While it’s tough to think about trading our flip flops for boots and tank tops for sweaters, make sure that you and your home are ready when the seasons start to change.

Cleaning your HVAC system is a great way to prepare for fall. Rather than waiting to see if your system is ready for the cold, take a few precautionary steps before summer ends!

  1. Check Vents: Have you noticed a collection of dust or dirt on and around your HVAC system vents? Take the time to remove it before fall arrives and make sure your vents are properly working!
  2. Trial Run: Run the heat at least once before fall. Although it may seem strange to test out your heat when it’s warm outside, it’s better to check your HVAC system and make sure it’s prepared before the cold weather arrives. As the system is running check for blockages, strange odors, or other issues, and address these problems before fall hits.
  3. Replace Filters: Filters clogged with dust and other types of filth waste energy and don’t allow your HVAC system to run efficiently. Damaged filters allow unwanted grime and allergens to circulate freely throughout your home which can lead to aggravated allergies and other respiratory issues. Rather than risking a health hazard this fall, check and change the filters this month.
  4. Hire Professionals: Taking care of your HVAC system is a big task and doesn’t have to be yours alone. Hire a professional HVAC cleaning company this summertime and make sure every part of your system is working properly. By the time September rolls around, you’ll be thanking yourself for thinking ahead!

As you enjoy the summertime in Sandwich, IL, make sure to think ahead to fall. Give the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip a call today at (815) 498-9696 and make sure your HVAC system is clean and ready when the cold arrives!

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