Know How to Prepare for Disaster and Restoration

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Now that January has arrived in Sycamore, IL, make certain your commercial office space is prepared for whatever weather may come! In the midst of blizzards and hailstorms, there are a number of disasters which might strike your office, and it's important that your employees understand exactly what to do. The disaster restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by skip want to help you be prepared!

Ready to prepare your office space for whatever disaster might head your way this season? Let's look at what you and your fellow staff members can do to help one another and to avoid disaster restoration this season.

Discuss: The best way to avoid disasters or expensive disaster restoration is to effectively equip staff members for disasters. As a team, work together to enroll in text weather alerts and discuss a plan specific to your commercial space. If staff members know how to prepare for a weather event before it arrives, they’ll be able to equip both the building and the staff. Information is the best way to avoid disaster restoration and protect your business from wintry harm!
Exercises: Tabletop exercises or written scenarios are a great way to work through a disaster restoration plan. Allow staff members to talk through procedures, question plans of action, and work together to creatively problem-solve about weather-related events. During this process, take notes and include this information in the final test run of your disaster prevention plan.
Test: Once the discussion about your disaster plan is concluded and tabletop exercises have been completed, make sure to test it out at least once before a real storm arrives. With a test run your staff members will understand exactly which parts of the disaster plan work and which parts need to be revised. Rather than discovering these weather-related issues during a storm or disaster restoration, allow staff members to act before disaster strikes.

Creating a disaster prevention plan may save you a lot of time and money in Sycamore, IL. Rather than waiting for weather to strike and hoping your company can handle the disaster restoration process, prepare before the first snowflake falls!
Already experienced a disaster this January? Give our professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip a call and get all the help you need with your disaster restoration plan. Contact us at (815) 754-5500 for the help you need today!