Keep Upholstery Free of Pet Hair with Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have a yellow lab or a beagle, or perhaps a Persian or a tabby, cleaning up pet hair is an ongoing struggle for you and other animal lovers in DeKalb, IL. If you’re ready to stop seeing fur on your furniture, let the folks at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip share a few helpful upholstery cleaning hints!

Here’s how to keep upholstered furniture clean, even in the presence of pets:

Choose Wisely: If your family needs to select a new couch, ottoman, or other upholstered piece for your home this season, think about the color of your pet’s fur before purchasing. For example, if you have a black cat, don’t get a white couch! Instead, opt for a darker color for the couch, and consider the fabric’s durability too. Lace and kitty claws do not pair well together.

Vacuum Often: The best way to remove pet hair from furniture and keep that upholstery clean? Vacuum well and vacuum often. Set a schedule for yourself and your family to vacuum all upholstered surfaces once a week. That way, if friends drop by unannounced, you won’t have to do a last-minute lint roll before they settle in with a cup of coffee!

Choose Correct Solution: After vacuuming all the pet hair from the upholstered furniture, think about removing residual dirt or dander that pets leave on it. Although some store bought products work well for most general upholstery cleaning, always test them on a small, hidden portion of the furniture first. Other upholstered surfaces react better to homemade solutions, such as those with a vinegar or baking soda base. Either way, a small test of the cleaning solution will save your furniture from damage or staining!

Ready to get upholstered furniture cleaned? Start by getting rid of that pesky pet hair! Or, if there is more fur than you know what to do with, call professionals for additional support. The professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip know how to handle even the toughest cases of upholstery cleaning, so give us a call at 815.498.9696 today!