Hire a Professional Fire Damage Remediation Team

After experiencing fire damage, hire a professional restoration company to make sure your building recovers safely. There are many articles online detailing ways to do restoration by yourself. However, if you carefully examine the risks of DIY fire damage cleanup, it becomes very clear that hiring a professional far outweighs the cost.

Here are just a few reasons to hire a professional company for your fire damage remediation:

Safety: Although it’s possible to purchase safety gear, professional grade safety equipment is made to keep individuals truly safe against fire damage. The fire damage remediation process is often full of soot and smoke, which is dangerous if inhaled. Without the proper safety equipment, you may be at risk for short- or long-term illness!

Guidelines: OSHA has a lot of specific guidelines for individuals to follow when entering a fire-damaged home. In addition to following proper safety procedures, professionals must understand exactly how to work within and around a damaged space. Sometimes spaces are too damaged to enter after a fire. Without the proper training and certification, opting for a DIY remediation will not keep you or your family safe.

Dangers: In addition to using safety gear and following strict guidelines, it’s important for individuals to understand the dangers associated with a fire damaged building before remediation. Although soot and smoke cause hazards, crumbling floors and walls can also injure potential occupants. Rather than risk the dangers, hire experienced professionals to get the job done thoroughly and correctly!

If your home has experienced fire damage in Somonauk, IL, don’t risk DIY remediation. Instead, take the time to hire a professional, experienced company. The folks at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip understand exactly how to handle your fire damage remediation needs. Give us a call today at 815.498.9696 and make sure your home is professionally cleaned and restored so you and your family remain safe.