Floor Cleaning Tips for Non-Traditional Flooring

Now that January is here in the DeKalb, IL area, it’s time to prepare your non-traditional floor materials for the wintry months ahead. Rather than walking into an office stained with mud, slush, or snow, make sure your clients get a great first impression of your commercial space this season with professional floor cleaning!

Unsure how to clean an unusual floor type and need a few floor cleaning tips to get you started? Let's take a look

Brick Flooring: Although brick adds a distinguished touch to office spaces, it can be a challenging flooring material when it comes to cleaning! Make sure brick floors are always both sealed and waxed, otherwise the porous material might be damaged during the colder months. Additionally, make sure to invest in a quality floor mat to help protect these difficult-to-clean brick floors.   

Asphalt Tile: If your foyer or entryway has an asphalt tile floor, learn the ins and outs of damp mopping. This will save you a lot of trouble and energy in the long run because your floor will not require as much deep cleaning or waxing. Asphalt is a tough material but still needs regular care and attention in order to remain welcoming! 

Concrete Floors: Although these types of floors look strong and damage-proof, their porous quality makes concrete floors easy to stain. Invest in a quality sealcoat for concrete floor cleaning and routinely sweep up dust and dirt from its surface. Flushing out the floor with water is also helpful, as long as the water doesn't freeze! 

Unusual floor types can make a statement to potential clients and customers in the DeKalb, IL area. Make sure that statement is always positive by keeping all types of floors clean this season. 

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