Falling Leaves can Cause Fall Fire Damage Risks in DeKalb, IL

Falling Leaves can Cause Fall Fire Damage Risks in DeKalb, IL

Autumn is here in DeKalb, IL, and that means the leaves are quickly changing color. Unfortunately, as the leaves turn brilliant shades of orange and red, they’re also causing fire damage risks around your home. Falling leaves pose a serious fire risk, both inside and outside of your home.

Here are just a few preventative measures to take around your home in order to protect your family and avoid future fire damage restoration:


  1. Falling Leaves: Did you know that the average oak tree yields one to two million leaves each autumn? That’s a lot of fallen foliage in your front yard! Make sure to manage leaves by collecting them often and either removing or composting them into your yard in order to manage fire damage risk.
  2. Burning Leaves: Although many folks choose to burn leaves after raking them up, this can cause fire damage if handled incorrectly. Don’t light fires on top of dry grass as this will create a threat to your home. Check local ordinances, follow regional weather updates, and stay with the fire until it’s completely out.
  3. Raking Leaves: Where allowed by local ordinances, many folks rake leaves into the street or alongside the curb in order to make city leaf collection run more smoothly. This process can, however, create fire damage risk from cars. Avoid parking or driving on leaves, whether in the street or driveway, and take it slow on the roads.


As you prepare for autumn in DeKalb, IL, make sure you understand how to appropriately handle the leaves in your yard. When handled correctly, these leaves will add beauty to your autumn rather than become a fire damage risk.

If you’ve already experienced fire damage and are in need of fire damage restoration, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip a call immediately at (815) 754-5500!