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Fall HVAC Cleaning in Sandwich, IL

Fall is near in Sandwich, IL! Along with preparing to head back to school and buying a few new sweaters for the season, have you thought about preparing your home for cooler temperatures?


HVAC cleaning is beneficial any time of year, but especially as your family moves indoors and out of the cold. Here are just a few reasons to invest in a thorough HVAC cleaning this September:


  1. Timing: HVAC systems should be inspected once a year to ensure they’re working properly, and a complete system cleaning should take place once every four to five years. If you can’t remember the last time your HVAC system was inspected or cleaned, it’s time to call in the professionals and make sure the system is working properly and efficiently.
  2. Accumulation: Over the course of a year, a lot of filth and debris accumulates within a HVAC system which can restrict the airflow and keep the system from working effectively, especially if there are pets in your home. Fall is the perfect time to check for this accumulation, test the system, and make sure everything is properly cleaned and functioning before the temperature drops.
  3. Air Quality: If you have pets or permit smoking in your home, make sure to keep an eye on your HVAC system to ensure it’s functioning efficiently and call a professional to inspect and clean the system more often. By the time winter rolls around you’ll be grateful knowing your HVAC system is working hard to keep you warm!


Are you ready to prepare your home for the chilly fall and winter months in Sandwich, IL? Contact the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip to ensure your HVAC system is clean and ready to transition from air conditioning to heating. Prepare for fall by giving us a call today at (815) 498-9696 to schedule your HVAC cleaning.