Clean Upholstered Furniture This Summer in Sycamore, IL

Clean Upholstered Furniture This Summer in Sycamore, IL

There are a number of ways your upholstered furniture might be damaged this summertime in Sycamore, IL. With stains from mud or grass, spills from barbeque sauce or lemonade, and smells from pets or overuse, your upholstered furniture endures a lot during the summer months!

Rather than covering up your upholstered furniture or getting rid of it, take pride in it and clean your upholstered furniture! Here are just a few ways to make sure your upholstered furniture stays spotless this summer:

Vacuum: Before deep cleaning a couch or other upholstered furniture item, pull out the vacuum to remove pesky crumbs or dust. Just use a handheld attachment to get between cushions or arm rests. This first step will prepare your upholstered furniture for a deeper, long-lasting clean!

Tag Check: Most upholstered furniture has a hidden tag to indicate how to properly get it clean. Look under the cushions to find out. For example, a couch labeled “W” needs water-based detergent, whereas a couch labeled “S” needs dry cleaning or a non-water based detergent. Checking these tags will save you a lot of trouble when deciding how to proceed!

Soap or Steam: Depending on the material of your couch, use either specialty soap or steam cleaning to get your upholstery truly cleaned. Leather couches typically require soap, whereas fabric needs steam cleaning. Again, double-check the tag for more information, and always test your cleaning method on a small, unseen area of the upholstered piece.

Before you start cleaning your couch or other upholstered furniture this summer in the Sycamore, IL, take the time to understand what you’re doing. Always start small with the vacuum and consult the furniture tag to learn what’s best for the piece.

Still unsure about how to get started? Fortunately, the folks at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip understand exactly how to clean upholstered furniture. Give our professionals a call at (815) 754-5500 today!