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Carpet Cleaning for Your New Home in Genoa, IL

As you prepare to move this June in Genoa, IL, there’s a lot to consider. Are you planning to keep that old couch, or do you want to donate it instead? How many boxes will fit in the truck? Do you have enough people to help you move into your new home? In the midst of everything, it’s easy to forget one of the most important elements to take care of before moving into your new home: the carpets. The professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster by Skip are here to make moving into your new home as pleasant as possible with a few carpet cleaning and care tips!



The best way to take care of your carpets is routine vacuuming, and it’s especially important to vacuum with the grain. This approach removes surface oils from the carpeting. If you’re looking to remove deeper, embedded particles from the carpet, try going against the grain every once and a while.


Clean Before Moving Your Furniture:

To give your carpets the best possible clean, clean them before moving furniture into your new home. Oftentimes, once furniture is placed, it remains in the same spot for years. This causes wear and tear to overused areas of your carpeting. As you settle into your new place, consider rotating the furniture once a year to improve cleaning and prevent carpet damage. See if you can arrange to have professional carpet cleaning performed before you move in.


Avoid Home Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning:

Although it may seem like a great idea to purchase or rent a steam cleaner, use these with caution! If used incorrectly, home steam cleaners may cause damage to your carpet or carpet pad. Mildew, mold, or musty odors often form after a steam cleaner is improperly used, so keep an eye out for odors or discoloration.


Rather than risking it with a rental steam cleaner why not hire a professional cleaner? While you manage all of the major details of your move, let the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip take care of your carpet cleaning in Genoa, IL. Give us a call at (815) 754-5500 to schedule your cleaning today!