Learn What to Do Winter Storm Damage Hits Your Home in Sycamore, IL

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Water Damage Doesn’t Take the Winter Off! Learn What to Do if Your Sycamore, IL Home Experiences Winter Storm Damage

Winter is officially here in Sycamore, IL, which means winter storms are also officially here! Although a nasty winter storm can cause problems such as burying your sidewalks and driveway under ice and snow, it can also cause problems inside your home as well!

If water from melted snow finds a way into your house after a serious winter storm, there are a few steps you can take to remedy the water damage and banish that nasty weather back outside. Here’s how to get started:

Explore the Source: Look all over your house to understand exactly where the water damage is originating. Is the problem coming from an issue associated with a winter storm, like outdoor leaks or damage to your home, or originating elsewhere, such as a burst pipe or other water source? Make sure you understand the problem first, and contact a professional if you can’t find the source.

Turn Off Electricity: If your home is water damaged after a winter storm, shut off the electricity as soon as possible, otherwise you may risk hurting yourself or your family. Improperly insulated electrical sources immersed in standing water can result in electrocution or other types of injury, so make sure to move quickly with this step!

Assess Damage: Oftentimes, it’s safest to call in a professional to help with severe water damage, whether after a winter storm or other incident. Professionals know exactly where to look and assess so you understand the safety of your home!

Remove Water: Get that water out of your house! There are water extraction machines and pumps available for rent at local hardware stores, or wet vacuums for smaller amounts of water. Make certain to wear protective gear!

If you’re not comfortable with assessing damage and removing water after a winter storm in Sycamore, IL, call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip at (815) 754-5500 for the support and expert services you require!