ServiceMaster | Welcome Spring, Not Flooded Basements in Dekalb, IL

Welcome Spring, but Don’t Let Flooded Basements in Dekalb, IL Melt You

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip provides water extraction for flooded basements in DeKalb, IL and surrounding areas

It’s been a fun winter, inasmuch as being tossed into a barrel of ice for five months can be considered fun. It’s been cold, uncompromising, uncomfortable and just plain unbearable.

But, time heals all wounds—barring decapitation of course—and a good spring thaw always pushes out even the most relentless of winters. Unfortunately, tough winters don’t always go quietly into that good night. Sometimes, winter grudgingly departs only after spring conducts a toasty thaw that sends cascades of melt water gushing into basements, causing water damage and the requirement of water damage restoration.

There’s a reason frontiersmen did their best to situate their farms on high ground, and it wasn’t just for manure runoff considerations. They wanted to ensure their homes didn’t suffer water damage during flood conditions like heavy rain and spring thaws.

Today, however, many homes are located in low lying areas and are considerably more susceptible to spring flooding, such as along the Kishwaukee River in DeKalb County, but also throughout the Illinois communities of Northern LaSalle County, Sycamore, Sandwich, Genoa and Courtland.

Flooded basements can be both expensive and a health concern, particularly if black mold takes hold in moist areas. If you experience flood damage this spring, be sure to act quickly and call in professionals who can assist in water damage restoration and repair. Also be sure to have those same professionals check your home for black mold and conduct mold removal services if necessary.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip has an experienced team of cleaning technicians on hand to deal with flood disasters and water damage situations, both large and small. We conduct a thorough cleaning, including sheetrock drying, mold remediation and any necessary deodorizing that may occur as a result of water damage.

This winter has been long and taxing enough without the added headache of cleaning up after water damage due to flooding. If you experience flood-related damage this spring, immediately call the cleaning and restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip.