Winter Water Damage Restoration in Sandwich IL with ServiceMaster

Water Damage Restoration Services in Sandwich, Illinois, with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

A basement flood or standing water in your home is bad enough in warm weather, but to have your house partly unusable during the coldest days of the year is one of the worst water disasters you can experience in Sandwich, IL. Add to that the insult of an awful smelling mess caused by a mud or sewage backup in the basement, and it’s no wonder why people call professional water damage restoration services like ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip.

It can be the result of a broken water pipe, a crack in the foundation, or a broken hose on a washing machine. Water seeping or gushing into your basement can damage everything it reaches. If the standing water is undetected, even for a few hours, the flood damage can be much worse as materials become thoroughly waterlogged and dirt or sewage contaminates your appliances and belongings.

If you discover water in your basement, don’t enter the area until you’re absolutely certain all electrical power to the area has been shut off. Contact the appropriate services for electricity and gas so they can ensure there is no further risk. Once that’s done, give us a call immediately for prompt water removal. We will also conduct debris removal, and then remove any damaged and non-restorable materials such as dry wall or paneling. We’ll get to work to dry out your basement and clean out any dirt from furnaces or other appliances. We’ll pack out contents to a safe, dry location for restoration, and then begin flood damage repair and restoration.

Water damage repair is comprehensive with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip. We can repair or restore the structure as well as the contents of your home, including furniture, appliances, art, antiques, photos, and documents. We can even restore some electrical equipment and machinery.

If your home in Sandwich, IL, is the scene of a water damage disaster, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can do everything required to restore it to its original state, or even better. If basement flooding strikes your home, call us at (815) 498-9696.