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Water Damage Restoration in DeKalb, IL with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

It doesn’t take much prompting to remind people in DeKalb, IL about the impact of flooding. The Kishwaukee River is a constant factor, of course, whenever we experience heavy snowfall and a quick or unseasonable warm spell. A quick thaw can mean plenty of trouble as experienced most recently in 2007 when the river crested at 15 and a half feet, more than five feet over flood stage. We hope a flooding disaster of that proportion doesn’t occur any time soon, but if it does, ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip is prepared to handle any emergency water removal and flood damage repair in DeKalb, Illinois.

Whether the problem is caused by excessive rains, river flooding, localized flash floods, or a sudden warming trend, the result can be the same: every bit of wallboard, electrical appliances and components, floor coverings, furniture, and clothing are soaked by often foul smelling water. You may note we didn’t even mention the potential for flooding caused by broken water pipes that inundate the home while you’re at work or asleep, or sewer backups that cause the worst kind of damage.

Our professional technicians, utilizing ServiceMaster techniques and resources, can fully restore your home while ensuring there is no lingering contamination from mold infestation. After water removal, pack out of debris, and drying out the area, we will determine which furnishings and appliances can be restored and remove them to begin the restoration process.

We’ll remove all damaged carpeting, sections of walls, and clean and disinfect, making way for a full restoration. In the end your home will look as good or better than when we started. Most people are also surprised at how much furniture and other valuable items can be restored and returned to the home.

When we say we offer full service flood and water disaster restoration, we mean it. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip for any and all residential or commercial water damage restoration in or around DeKalb, Illinois.