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Water Damage Restoration for Ice Dams in DeKalb, IL

Ice dams in your gutters can cause water damage – contact ServiceMaster by Skip!

You toss and turn at night, wondering what that dripping sound is. When you wake up in the morning, you still hear that dripping sound you just can’t escape. You’ve checked your sinks. You’ve checked the shower and tub. But, still, you can’t find the source of that terrible dripping noise.

It could very well be an ice dam causing water damage in your home. Luckily, you know that you can call ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning by Skip for water damage restoration in Sandwich, Genoa, DeKalb, IL and other surrounding areas.

Ice dams aren’t uncommon, especially when a winter hits with the early torment we’ve been treated to this year in Sandwich, IL. Snow becomes compacted in home gutters, and the next thing you know, you have mini-glaciers drooping out over your roof.

While ice dams can certainly be attractive, it’s important to remember they don’t grow in one direction. As ice dams become more and more compacted in your gutters, the ice can expand backwards, pushing underneath your shingles and roof boards, where the ice encounters heat from your home and begins to melt.

And then the water begins to drip. And drip. And drip.

Water damage due to ice dams can be a very gradual process. Whereas a busted pipe can cause catastrophic water damage immediately, ice dam water damage can creep in almost imperceptibly. Then, one day, after hearing water dripping for what seems like ages, you’ll notice your ceiling has an odd discoloration. Then, the next day, a large chunk of your ceiling collapses entirely.

Don’t let water damage take a chunk out of your ceiling this holiday season. You don’t want to serve a Christmas meal underneath the glaring specter of exposed rafters. Give the water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip a call instead.

Water damage restoration can be incredibly difficult and costly if you don’t have the right materials and equipment on hand. The experienced water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip have all that and more readily available. We’re your local house cleaning services and water damage restoration professionals. We’ll take care of your ice dam drip at an amazing and efficient clip.