Updating Your Commercial Flooring with Tips from ServiceMaster

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Updating your Commercial Flooring in the Sandwich, Illinois Area

Refinishing hardwood floors can give your commercial business a classic, updated look in the Sandwich, Illinois area, but it can also be time consuming. If you’ve peeked under your carpets to examine the potential for the hardwood beneath, there are a number of important factors to consider.

Here are a few quick facts about when it’s best to remove your existing commercial flooring, how to refinish what’s there, and what to do to keep yourself safe:

  • Check Floors First: Before committing to a full refinishing, take the time to check whether or not the floors are ready. If you can see gaps in the flooring, or if the hardwood is coated in laminate already, they’re not prepared for a refinishing
  • Asbestos Watch: If removing old vinyl flooring, have it checked for asbestos first. Air contaminated with asbestos fibers is a serious health risk for everyone that walks through the front door, especially in a commercial space
  • Ventilate: While removing the existing flooring in your commercial space, and while sanding down boards or applying new finish, make sure to throw open the windows and turn on a few fans. It’s important to keep fresh air circulating
  • Practice: If you’ve never used a large sander before, test it out on a piece of plywood before diving in. This could save you from damaging your flooring and gives you time to perfect your sanding skills
  • Vacuum: After a few rounds of sanding, follow up with a heavy-duty vacuum to clear the area of dust. Empty the bag frequently to ensure the vacuum is working correctly and really lifting extra dust out of the grain
  • Sealant: Stain to bring out the best color within the wood, and make sure to seal the floor to keep out water or other liquids

Feeling ready to start refinishing commercial floors all alone in the Sandwich, IL area? If your answer is no, have no fear! The professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip are here to help with all your commercial flooring needs, from cleaning to refinishing. Give us a call at (815) 498-9696 today!