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Tree Safety Tips in DeKalb from ServiceMaster by Skip

If you have large trees on your property near your house in Sycamore or DeKalb, IL, you should be aware that branches or the trees themselves pose a threat if they’re not properly maintained. Wind storms any time of the year can send limbs crashing onto your roof or even through windows or skylights. In the coming winter, ice storms or heavy snows can snap branches or even split trees causing extensive damage, leaving your home open to other damage from the elements. If you do sustain damage from storms, ServiceMaster by Skip is always available for professional disaster repair and restoration, water removal, or water damage repair for your home in DeKalb County.

Periodically check your trees for dying or decayed limbs or any indication of disease or insect infestation. If you’re unfamiliar with the signs of disease, consult your local university extension service or nursery. The best time to spot problems and prune trees is during the dormant season, when the foliage is gone.

The University of Illinois Extension Service says pruning in the dormant season usually results in better growth in the spring. It also gives the tree a better chance of safely managing the pruning rather than during a more stressful time of the year. Of course, if your tree shows signs that it is not going to recover from disease or serious damage, it’s best to have it removed immediately before it becomes a greater risk to your property. Look for branches that rub together in the wind and weaken each other. If you’re not certain a branch is dead, scratch away some of the surface with a small tool or your fingernail. Any green color means the branch is still alive. Also make sure your tree’s root system is well covered and healthy so heavy rains don’t loosen the roots and cause a collapse.

One of the worst things you can do is top a tree. The extension service says that simply weakens the tree and makes it more susceptible to insects and disease. Prune selectively to sustain the natural shape of the tree, make it healthier, and remove potentially damaging limbs.

If a fallen limb or tree does damage your house, call ServiceMaster by Skip for any storm damage repair. From initial board up or water removal to full disaster repair or water damage restoration, we’re ready to help in Sycamore, DeKalb, or nearby communities.