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Tips for Quick House Cleaning in Sandwich, IL

The time for spring house cleaning has arrived in Sandwich, IL! That means scrubbing down the floors, dusting, cleaning windows, and freshening your furniture. Once the deep cleaning is done, though, how will you keep your house clean?

There are plenty of quick cleaning techniques that’ll help you keep your house clean from the basement to the attic. Here are a few fast ways to keep it up this spring:

  • Banish Brooms: Rather than sweeping your floors, use a vacuum. This will quickly remove dust and grime from all of your floors. In addition to moving faster, you’ll also be able to de-clutter the closet when you throw away that broomstick
  • Think Big: Don’t worry about minor house cleaning every week. Occasionally, it’s okay to overlook the smaller details of your home. Leave the figurine collections, unseen corners, and picture frames to be dusted monthly rather than weekly
  • Organize Supplies: Leave cleaning supplies in the room where you actually use them rather than stored under a sink or in a closet. This approach allows you to clean as you go rather than forcing you to continually run downstairs to swap out supplies. It’ll also make spot-cleaning messes faster and easier
  • Focus: Although it may be tempting to turn on the TV or play with your phone as your clean, your house cleaning will move much faster if you cut down the multitasking. Instead, focus singlehandedly on mopping that floor or dusting that windowsill
  • Enlist Help: Sometimes, the fastest way to keep your home cleaned is to hire help. A well-trained professional will come in routinely to perform the required cleaning and ensure the clutter doesn’t accumulate

Ready to enlist some help today? The professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning by Skip understand exactly how to help out around your Sandwich, IL home! Appreciate the feeling of a professionally cleaned house all year long by giving us a call today at (815) 498-9696!