Timber! Disaster Restoration in Dekalb, IL with ServiceMaster by Skip

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Timber! Disaster Restoration in Dekalb, IL

Disaster Recovery with ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip

Even the trees are starting to feel the stress of this year’s unrelenting winter weather. Heavy snows and thick accumulations of bulky ice have conspired to give trees a tired, hunkered-down appearance. Not all trees can bear winter’s burden equally, and this winter’s burden has been more, well, burdensome than many in years past. This year trees are shedding their extra burden by dropping limbs small and large or obeying gravity’s incessant call entirely. Unfortunately, a falling limb or tree directly impacts upon a home or business, resulting in thousands of dollars in immediate structural damage. This is followed closely by secondary water damage due to melting snow and ice from the offending limb or tree or cascading down from the damaged roof. That messy mixture can cause water damage to all flooring services, but also to walls, ceilings and electrical work. For disaster restoration in DeKalb, IL contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip.

Damage from standing water can include warped hardwood floors and discolored carpeting, and transform drywall into wet, crumbling chalk. And the longer this mess is allowed to sit and stew, the greater chance for toxic black mold development and the related health concerns. Of course, the immediate action to take following falling limb or tree damage is to patch your home or business to prevent further leaks. Once the building is secured the repairs to structural damage can begin. However, once those primary concerns are covered, you shouldn’t hesitate to address water damage and mold removal tasks. Because water damage restoration and mold remediation can be difficult to tackle on your own, particularly if the water damage is considerable, it’s often best to call on professionals who have the experience, knowledge and equipment to efficiently address water damage and mold removal requirements.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip is available for disaster recovery cleaning and restoration calls 24/7, 365 days a year, with an expertly trained and certified staff consisting of dedicated water damage and mold removal technicians. Our disaster response personnel have the required materials and equipment at their disposal to help your home or business get up and running as seamlessly as possible. Serving the areas of Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia and Montgomery, Pennsylvania, we’re prepared to help you recover from even the most unforeseen disaster. Rest assured, a falling limb or tree falling on your home or business most definitely makes a sound. Contact us immediately, and make sure the next sound you hear is a reassuring voice at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip!