ServiceMaster- Tax Return Tips: Consider Carpet Cleaning in Dekalb, IL

Tax Return Tips: Consider a Residential Carpet Cleaning Service in Dekalb, IL

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip | Carpet cleaning in Dekalb, IL and surrounding areas

Your tax information has been submitted, and even on time. You have a tax return coming to you (jackpot!). What should you do? There are several options:

– Spend it before you even get it. Put it all on a credit card. You’ll pay it off before the interest is due…right?
– Put that flat-screen HD television on layaway until the check comes in, after which you can watch that “paid spokesperson” advise you on sound spending in gloriously awesome eye-popping color and resolution
– That party in Las Vegas you’ve been thinking about. Man, that would be epic.
– Hire a professional carpet cleaning for your home.

Okay…hear us out on that last one.

Look, tax returns come along once a year. By comparison, how often do you have a professional carpet cleaning done? Floor cleaning? Tile cleaning? Grout cleaning? Do you even know what grout cleaning is? Well, if you have grout, it’s important to keep it clean, trust us.

An expert carpet cleaning service, properly performed, can last for several months, and can actually be maintained until the unpleasant crud and grime of life plops and pours itself back onto your flooring, making a professional floor or carpet cleaning necessary once again.

Your floor cleaning services needs can vary considerably. Maybe you only need carpet cleaning or maybe you need a combination of carpet cleaning and hard surface floor cleaning. At ServiceMaster by Skip, we can do one, the other, or even both! We’re here to fit your needs.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip offers professional floor and carpet cleaning services in Dekalb County, Illinois, including Dekalb, Sycamore, Cortland, Genoa, Hinckley, Waterman, Sandwich and Somonauk.

We have the personnel on staff that can breathe a fresh, clean look into your home even before you first crack your windows open after cashing your tax return check.

What you decide to do with your tax return is your business. But really, take a look around your house and try to convince yourself a freshly cleaned carpet or sparkling tile and grout wouldn’t be nice. Decide to make your home clean and refreshed using that return, then give us a call. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip today!