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Storm Water Removal and Disaster Repair in Sycamore, IL

Water is great for the crops, and now that the growing season is underway, farmers may be more than happy that their corn and soybeans are benefiting from the ample rains brought by seasonal showers and thunderstorms. What does that have to do with you? When these showers drop a lot of water over several days, or the storms dump a torrent in a few hours, it could mean flooding in your home or business. ServiceMaster by Skip is fully equipped to handle water removal and repair any water damage caused by storms or flooding in Sycamore, IL or surrounding areas.

Even if you haven’t experienced any water problems in past years, every season is different. Gutters may have become clogged over time, cracks may have developed in your foundation from an extra cold winter, or extra construction nearby may have limited the amount of topsoil available for absorbing rainwater. A county extension agent or hydrologist can explain in more technical terms what it takes for soil to be saturated, but an easy warning sign is standing water in the low points of your yard or property. If the water doesn’t have anywhere to go, it’s a good sign that the next storm may pose a threat to your basement or any carpeting and furnishings on the ground floor of your house or business.

The combination of excess water, the pressure of the runoff or the downpour itself (think about skylights), and any minor cracks or openings in walls, roofs, doorways, windows or foundations can combine to create plenty of damage. You can avoid some of these risks by caulking around windows and doors, filling any cracks in concrete, securing loose bricks, cleaning gutters and downspouts, and making sure there is a clear route for water flowing across your lawn. If you’ve added any new structures – patios, decks, fire pits, garages or driveways or even a gazebo – you may have also added a water hazard.

If you run into water problems this summer, don’t hesitate to call us. We will get there in time to keep any standing water from causing further damage, and then repair any additional water damage and prevent mold from getting a start. For the best in water removal, or water damage repair and remediation in Sycamore, DeKalb, DeKalb County and surrounding communities, make ServiceMaster by Skip your first choice after damaging summer storms.