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ServiceMaster by Skip Urges Fire Safety in De Kalb County

We want to be frank. We offer some of the best professional fire damage repair and restoration services in the business. We also want to help you prevent fires from happening in and near your home. Summer is a time to be cautious with any kind of outdoor cooking or recreational fire, whether you are barbecuing burgers and corn or having a get together around the fire pit. Any open flames or hot coals can spell trouble if they get out of hand. ServiceMaster by Skip is ready to help with fire damage if needed, but we’d much rather you have a safe summer in Sycamore, DeKalb, and surrounding communities.

Here are some tips from experts at Penn State University:

  • Avoid starting an enclosed or non-enclosed fire for any purpose if the wind is up. All it takes is a few fly-away embers or sparks to start a fire near your house or on your roof.
  • Don’t build fire pits near structures. Local ordinances may vary, but 15 feet away from any exterior wall is an optimal distance for safety.
  • Don’t use paper or cardboard. Stick to wood, wood chips, or small sticks for the fire pit fuel. Use kindling instead of flammable liquids to start the fire.
  • Overloading a fire pit is as bad as not using one, as the flames will leap too high, create more sparks, and fuel will fall outside the pit onto the lawn. Remember, you’re having a fire for warmth or cooking and hot coals, not high flames.
  • Always keep a hose or bucket of water nearby, and never leave any fire unattended.
  • Even barbecues can be dangerous. Keep pets and children away. A dog can knock over a grill to get at food and cause a fire that easily spreads to structures.

Again, be safe this summer. If the worst does occur, call ServiceMaster by Skip for a quick response and fire damage cleanup, repair, and restoration in DeKalb County and the surrounding area.