Resolve to Professionally Clean Your Home or Office For the New Year

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Resolve to Professionally Clean Your Home or Office For the New Year

DeKalb IL Professional Cleaning Services by ServiceMaster by Skip

It’s been a long year. A lot has happened, and, if you look around, items in your home or office have gotten dirty and could use a thorough cleaning. There’s that coffee spill on the couch you never got around to treating, and the juice stain on the carpet you see out of the corner of your eye every morning and keep vowing to tackle “one day.” And, let’s face it, dusting has never been one of your strengths.

Office cleaning and house cleaning are ongoing every day chores. It happens to most everyone – cleaning tasks get routinely overlooked until one day you survey your surroundings and realize you have a massive overall cleaning project on your hands. But you have better and more pressing issues to deal with instead of mopping floors, scrubbing grout, or renting one of those heavy, clunky carpet cleaning machines at the grocery store. Why risk the possibility of making a bad stain worse or maybe permanent?  Do yourself a favor this new year and let the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip give your home or office (or both) a thorough cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning? We do that. Carpet cleaning? Of course we do that. Tile cleaning? Grout cleaning? Window cleaning? Yes, yes, and yes! We do all that and so much more. We are dedicated to making your home or office environment look as fresh and new as the new year itself! And we can keep it looking that way all year round, if you choose.

We provide residential and commercial cleaning services throughout the Illinois communities located in the DeKalb, Sycamore, DeKalb and Northern LaSalle Counties. If you’re there, we’re there. For routine cleaning or emergency disaster restoration services, call on ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip.
We have a highly skilled and professional cleaning staff on hand—many certified by the Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) organization—to ensure your home or office is as clean or cleaner as the day you moved in.

Make a New Year’s resolution to clean up your act. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning Services by Skip today and start your new year off clean!